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"Love art in yourself, and not yourself in art." ~ Constantin Stanislavski

"Melody Erfani's play 97 Orchard St..imagines the history of cultural change in the Lower East Side as a sort of balletic musical chairs.Erfani's direction of the piece focuses on what this type of change might look like rather than trying to explain by using the common discourse. It's most effective because it transcends the noise that is heard daily on blogs and newspapers about neighborhoods being culturally destroyed." 
      (Theatre is Easy) - Jason Rost



"Melody Erfani’s direction was balanced, cohesive. brisk and elegant. The acting was universally excellent, as you would expect--but don’t always get."

        (Hi! Drama) - Leslie Dileo



"A highly enjoyable evening and a piece of theatre I shall remember for some time to come, I'm only sorry it wont be around for longer."
     (UK Theatre Web)



"With a wonderful twist at the end, All an Act is an enjoyable show that deserves a far bigger audience than it received."
      (BroadwayBaby) - Alexandra Baldry



 "A big nod of appreciation should go towards Melody Erfani for her careful direction. It is clear that these characters have been thoroughly developed."
     (EdFringe Review) - Ellen Smyth



 "...'All An Act' is gripping and interesting. There are some surprising twists and turns. This is an
 impressive show and definitely worth a watch."
      (EdFringe Review) - Jessica Reid



"All an Act is a smartly executed piece of writing delivered by New York drama graduates, where the quality never slipped."
     (The Scotsman) - Tim Cornwell


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